Ukraine has a right to choose its destiny

Viktor Kaspruk

Viktor Yanukovych is Putin’s puppet. He rapes constitution since 2010 when he destroyed fairly independent Constitutional court and illegally got authorities of Kuchma back, thus illegally transforming parliamentary-presidential republic to presidential one. BUT HE HASN’T BEEN ELECTED WITH THOSE AUTHORITIES.

The Ukrainians do not have any option but to fight else history will repeat. Many of the Ukrainians in east Ukraine were exterminated in the 1930’s. The Russians were then brought in to take their lands. Unless the remaining Ukrainians fight now against the Russian 5th column they will suffer the same fate as they have previously under Russian rule.

Ukraine knows that if now they can not break free from the Russian regime. This is after the Olympics in Sochi will be impossible. Because if there was no Olympics in Sochi. Russians have long attacked by Ukraine under the guise of «help».

People in Ukraine who are leaning towards Russia (including the president) are actually Russians who moved there after the communists exterminated millions Ukrainians. If they want to live under rule of Russia, that they should come back to Russia. And then the Ukraine can move forward.

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