Until Putin is deposed Ukrainians will never be free

Viktor Kaspruk

Situation in Ukraine is a direct result of the mafia in power. Racketeering, extortion, bribery at all levels, from the city governments to the highest levels of Ukrainian powers that be have become a way of life. With the police being on the mafia’s payroll, a redistribution of assets is taking place, with those close to Yanukovich, using his backing to enrich themselves.

One thing makes government legitimate, and only one: consent of the governed. Yanukovich lost that consent.

Any one who supports Putin and current Ukrainian Government needs to understand that unless you enjoy being ruled by another country, you have no business staying in the Ukraine. Further, unless you are a member of the clan that controls the Ukraine, you will have no option than to follow along to get along. Rest assured, until Putin is deposed, Ukrainians will never be free. It will be at least one generation before the yoke of Russia will be tossed.

Unfortunately, Russia is not staying out of Ukraine. Russia wants to resurrect the Soviet Union, although under a different name and Ukraine is essential to them for that purpose. Russia will never let go of Ukraine willingly. It is very good that Ukrainians are rising up against pro-Russian government.


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